How to remove a bank account from QuickBooks?

Leaving your bank account connected with QuickBooks helps you save much of your manual work, as entries get’s automatically synced with your books. Deleting your bank account from your QB account will only be beneficial when you are no longer using the said bank. But if you do then there is no point in removing your bank credentials from QuickBooks. Thus, If you still want to go ahead and know “how to remove a bank account from QuickBooks” then the steps are given below.

Are you a Quickbooks user?

Caution…! Before you know how to remove a bank account from QuickBooks.

Though we know that you are looking to remove a bank account from QuickBooks we want to make sure that you already know this.

  • Deleting your bank will make the bank inactive within QuickBooks. You won’t be able to see the bank and feeds relating to it.
  • If the account you have now deleted wasn’t nil then QuickBooks will now make an automatic adjusting entry.
  • A deleted account can be reactivated anytime you want, but here is a big issue. Since automatic adjusting entry will be passed thus you would need to make corrections in your journal before you can activate the same.

Do you know…?

You can disconnect your bank instead of deleting your account. This will help you escape the unintended consequences that come along with deleting your bank.

Implications when you disconnect your bank…!

Disconnecting is the soft form of deleting bank from QB. When you disconnect QB and your bank then:

  • QuickBooks will still have credentials of your financial institution, but now the difference will be that you will no longer receive bank feeds.
  • You will have the option to re-establish a connection between your bank and QB right from QuickBooks.
  • Your review transactions will automatically get deleted if they become older than 90 days.

Steps to disconnect your bank from QuickBooks:

Since now you know the difference between disconnecting and deleting an account, let us help you with the steps to do the same:

  1. With your Quickbooks logged in, click on the transactions This you can find on the top navigation panel.
  2. Click bankings tab from the pre-defined list.
  3. Choose your preferred account that you would like to disconnect.
  4. Choose the pencil icon and this will open up an edit
  5. Click on the option that says, disconnect your account.
  6. Choose to save your preferences and you would successfully be able to disconnect. Please note that you have only disconnected your bank, thus your bank will still remain with QuickBooks but will no longer be connected.

Steps on how to remove a bank account from QuickBooks:

If you are determined to remove a bank account from your QB account then, here are the steps you would need to follow:

  1. From the topmost navigation panel, click on the settings
  2. From the drop-down menu, choose COA.
  3. Now select the bank account you would like to permanently delete.
  4. From the set of predefined actions, choose to delete your account.
  5. You will see a confirmation message. Click Ok and your account will be gone forever.

Deactivate Bank feeds:

So, by now you already know how to remove a bank account from QuickBooks, but if you are looking for an alternative then deactivating bank feeds can be one of them.

For windows user:

  1. Navigate to Chart of Accounts.
  2. Choose the bank account whose bank feeds needs to be deactivated.
  3. Click on the settings tab from the displayed window.
  4. Now choose to deactivate all the services from the said bank.
  5. Confirm your action and save your preferences. You should no longer receive bank feeds within your QuickBooks accounts.

For Mac users:

  1. Click on the list tab and choose the COA from the options.
  2. Choose the account that needs to be deactivated.
  3. Click on the settings icon and choose to disable your services.
  4. Confirm your action by pressing Ok.
  5. Save your settings and your bank feeds will now be deactivated successfully.

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