Locked File in QuickBooks Desktop

Troubleshoot Locked File in QuickBooks Desktop Error

Have the file-in-use error or any other errors prevented you from using the company file in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows? Don’t worry, though, because this blog will provide you with information on how to troubleshoot error locked file in QuickBooks Desktop. You may encounter the following errors when attempting to open or update the business file.

  • Company File in use. Kindly wait.
  • There can only be one user working on (a task) at once.
  • You must wait for another QuickBooks user to finish a task to proceed.
  • Sorry, but this (transaction) cannot be changed at this time. The task that uses that in this transaction is now being carried out by (another user).
  • Due to (another user’s) access, the automated entry of (transactions) is being skipped.

Troubleshoot Error Locked File in QuickBooks Desktop

To resolve error locked file in QuickBooks Desktop, ensure the file isn’t in use elsewhere, restart the software, and try again. If issues persist, follow the below steps…

Troubleshooting Issue- If Another User is Performing an Action

Even in multi-user mode, these issues usually occur when another user performs a QuickBooks task that can only be performed by one user at a time. If so, you can start working on your task as soon as the other person is done.

Troubleshooting User-Specific File Errors

Try these steps if an error repeatedly refers to a particular user who isn’t working in QuickBooks.

  • You have to request that the user mentioned in the error shut down and reopen QuickBooks on their computer.
  • Open QuickBooks on a different computer. Then you have to go to the Company menu and then you have to select Users, then you have to click View Users.
  • Request that the user mentioned in the error sign off of QuickBooks on their computer.
  • Now you have to go back to the list of users. You should be able to complete the job without encountering an issue if the relevant user is no longer shown as being logged in.

Troubleshooting if Company file says Waiting for company file” or “Company File in Use

These messages usually suggest problems with performance. Examples include network problems, database problems, application conflicts, and a server or workstation that doesn’t fulfill QuickBooks’ system requirements.

Optimizing QuickBooks Desktop to Fix the Performance Issues

A slow response in QuickBooks may be brought on by automatic pop-ups. You may turn off auto pop-ups in QuickBooks to prevent this.

Bills preferences

  • You have to sign in to your company file as the admin.
  • Then you have to go to Edit, then you have to select Preferences.
  • Now you have to select Bills, then you have to select the Company Preferences tab.
  • You have to uncheck Warn about duplicate bill numbers from the same vendor and then select OK.

Troubleshoot Locked File Errors Across Multiple Workstations

Solution 1: Check for multiple host computers and stop hosting on all workstations

  • You have to open QuickBooks.
  • Then you have to go to the file menu, then you have to select Utilities
    • Select Stop Hosting Multi-User Access if it appears on the menu, and then click Yes to confirm your choice.
    • Continue to the next step if Host Multi-User Access is shown on the menu.
  • Then you have to go to Close QuickBooks.
  • On every workstation that doesn’t host the company file, repeat the previous procedures.
  • Open QuickBooks and attempt the operation that gave rise to the error.

Solution 2: Stop and restart QuickBooks services on the server

  • You have to go to the server and then you have to ensure that all workstations have QuickBooks closed.
  • Then you have to select the Start menu and then you have to click on the Run.
  • Now you have to enter the services.msc in the open field, then you have to select OK.
  • From the Name column, you have to select quickbooksdbxx. The item that you have chosen depends on which version of QuickBooks Desktop you have:
    • QuickBooksDB30 = QuickBooks 2020
    • QuickBooksDB29 = QuickBooks 2019
    • QuickBooksDB28 = QuickBooks 2018
  • Now you have to select the Stop link.
  • Choose the Start link. When users sign in again, they will be able to access the company file.
  • Now open QuickBooks and try to do the task.

Solution 3: Use the QuickBooks Tool Hub on the server

To help you in resolving common problems, the QuickBooks Tool Hub brings various tools. What you can do in this situation?

  • To download and install the tool hub on your server, you have to follow the steps.
  • Then you have to open the tool hub
  • Now you have to select the Program Problems tab.
  • Each tool on the Program Problems tab should be run. Try doing the process once more in QuickBooks after using each tool.

Solution 4: Reinstall QuickBooks on the server

Troubleshoot Locked File Errors Across Single Workstations

If a user’s workstation experiences the error repeatedly, there might be a problem with their Windows or QuickBooks permissions. What you should do is…

Solution 1: Create a new user in QuickBooks

  • You have to go to the Company menu and then you have to select Users, then you have to Set up Users and Roles.
  • Select New in the Users and Roles window. Put a name in the User Name field. You can add and confirm a password if you want.
  • Choose a role from the Roles window, then you have to click Add, and then click OK.
  • Select the Role List tab, then choose Edit if you need to make more changes to the role. Select OK after making any necessary changes to the permissions.
  • In the Users and Roles window, you have to click Close.
  • You have to sign out of QuickBooks on the computer. Afterward, log in using the newly created user. Make sure the user’s access is configured how you want it by testing it.
  • As a new user, you have to try doing the task.

Solution 2: Create a new Windows user with admin rights

To create a new Windows user with admin rights, you have to follow the steps.

  • Log in to Windows on the workstation as this user.
  • On your desktop, you have to right-click the QuickBooks icon and choose Run as administrator. This ought to enable you to complete the task on the workstation without getting the error.

Reach out to QuickBooks error support experts, if you’ve tried all the suggestions above and are still having error locked file in QuickBooks Desktop. We’ll cooperate with you to resolve this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a QuickBooks file be unlocked?

● Select Open while holding down ALT on the keyboard.
● Keep holding ALT down until the file opens.
● Release ALT and enter your password if QuickBooks asks you to sign in.
● Press and hold ALT again and select OK.

What does the QuickBooks file in use error mean?

You have to restart QuickBooks Database Server Manager on your server computer, which is the one hosting your company file, to fix the problem. By doing the following, you can restart it: Run QuickBooks Desktop on the server computer. Choose Open or Restore Company from the File drop-down option on the main menu.

Can QuickBooks be locked?

If you wish to require a password before editing your closed books, choose the option from the drop-down menu that reads, “Allow changes after viewing a warning and entering a password. Then you have to click Save and then you have to click Done.