QuickBooks Check Printing

QuickBooks Check Printing and Check Printing Alignment

In this blog, you will know about QuickBooks check printing how to print a check in QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop. So without delaying go through this blog.

You can immediately print the expenditure reimbursement check in QuickBooks Online after making it. You can configure your printing preferences for both normal and voucher checks.

Steps to QuickBooks Online Check Printing

Step 1: Set up QuickBooks to Print Checks

Make sure you go through the setup for printing checks before printing a check to ensure that your printer and your checks are aligned correctly. Your personal checks must be formatted for QuickBooks to be printed.  Intuit offers checks that are compatible with QuickBooks.

Standard and voucher checks

Voucher checks, which also include check stubs, have one check per page while standard checks have three checks per page. You can choose the check type you use while setting up to print checks. Your settings are saved by QuickBooks for later use.

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Step 2: Add checks to the print queue

Selecting the Print later checkbox or the Print Check option when you create a new check adds it to the print queue. After that, you can print every check at once.

Step 3: Print checks from the print queue

  • First, you have to select + New.
  • Choose Print Checks.
  • Checks should be loaded into the printer. To avoid wasting checks, you can test the alignment by printing on plain paper first.
  • From the dropdown menu,  you have to choose the checking account where you wrote the check.
  • Enter the first check’s number from the printer in the Beginning check no. column.
  • Each check you want to print has a checkbox next to it.
  • Then you have to choose Print from Preview.
  • Now select Print if everything is correct.
  • Choose Done if your checks print properly.

After that, choose the Some checks need to be reprinted or option to keep checks in the Print checks list if your checks don’t print correctly. Open the print setup if necessary, and make the necessary alignment settings.

Print a partial page of checks

You might have one or two extra checks as standard checks are three on a page. Like a regular check, leftover checks can be printed.

You can purchase a reusable Intuit Forms Leader to prevent paper jams in your printer. This enables you to print the form as a complete sheet by attaching your extra checks to it.

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Steps to QuickBooks Desktop Check Printing

  1. Select the Print icon from the Write Checks window then select:
    • Check- To print a single check. You will be asked to input a Printed Check Number if you select this option.
    • Batch- Print several checks that have been noted for later printing in a batch. You will be taken to the Choose Checks to Print window if you select this option. Mark the check or checks you want to print with a checkmark, then click OK.
  2. The Print Checks window displays:
    • You have to choose the printer type and name.
    • Select whether you wish to print the check as a Voucher, Standard, or Wallet under the Check Style area.
    • Uncheck the box if your company’s name and address are already printed on your pre-printed checks. Enter the name and address of the company.

Verify that all other settings are right by checking them and then select Print. Intuit Market offers secure checks that are assured to work with QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Online Check Printing Alignment

The users who have subscribed to QB online can create their own reports and feeds from within their system. It allows you to view exactly what you wish to view. But if you still don’t get it here is the easy solution of set up QuickBooks online check printing alignment.

The QB online version troubles in setting up the default check printing alignment. This is an important QuickBooks Online feature because for checks and vouchers to align properly, ensure that your printer set up is in the agreement with your version of Acrobat Reader. Complete compatibility with checks that are specially designed for QuickBooks Online is guaranteed. If you are aware of the right version of your Acrobat Reader open your QuickBooks online software and follow the below-mentioned steps.

How to Set up QuickBooks Online Check Printing Alignment

Follow the steps to check how to step up QuickBooks Online check printing alignment.

  • Open QB online software.
  • Select transactions on the navigation panel -> click Expenses.
  • Click the Print Checks button.
  • Click Print Setup at the bottom.
  • Select No -> continue setup button.
  • Click next -> click the No -> continue setup button again.
  • You land on the Fine-tune alignment page -> Drag the grid box where the dollar amount shows to the preferred destination.
  • Click to view the preview and print sample button on the left.
  • Click the Print icon on the Print preview.
  • When the sample check is printed -> hold it up to the light against a check to verify if the alignment is appearing correct or not.
  • Still, if you require fine-tuning -> click close on the sample check -> go back to the grid to make adjustments -> print a fresh sample once again.
  • Click Finish Setup when your sample check’s alignment appears correct.
  • Apply the following changes.

If you encounter an error while printing (like the alignment being off, a portion of the text is cut off, the text is placed in the wrong place, or if you are just getting started with QuickBooks Online) ensure that you have the required Adobe version.) Sometimes it can be problematic to align the checks properly.

  • To get the proper alignment to follow the steps mentioned below
  • Go to the left panel -> click transactions -> click expenses.
  • Click on Print Checks
  • Click Preview and Print on the right corner
  • Click on the Printer Icon
  • Select the option Fit to Page
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Adjust Check Printing in QuickBooks Online

Let’s start our article adjust check printing in QuickBooks Online. Though for check QuickBooks comes with default window settings, if you want to work with your own settings and align check printing it to your own printer then follow these steps.

How to Adjust Check Printing in QuickBooks Online

If you need to print something from your QuickBooks online account. QuickBooks Online allows you to adjust check printing.

  • Login to your QuickBooks account and head over to the company profile.
  • Now click on the transactions tab which is available on the left-hand side of the navigation panel.
  • Click on the expenses tab.
  • Now check on the print cheque button which you can find on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Now click on the printer settings tab.
  • Now on the next screen that appears, hit no.
  • Hit “No” again on the next screen that appears.
  • On the next screen, pull the mesh to the desired location.
  • Click on the preview tab and you will be able to check the preview of how the check will be printed.
  • You can even print a sample to see if it perfectly aligns with the cheque.
  • If you still need to do any further adjustments then close the sample window and make further adjustments.
  • Click on finish the setup when all done and click apply the changes.

Unfortunately, QuickBooks cannot print checks with Magnetic Ink Character Resolution (MICR) fonts. If you’re looking for a piece of third-party software that prints MICR typeface, check out Intuit Marketplace.