QuickBooks Email Not Working

QuickBooks Email Not Working

It can be quite frustrating when you are unable to send emails through QuickBooks. And when you find “QuickBooks email not working” then it can be a total mess. Since QuickBooks have become an essential tool, it becomes all more important to keep the software right.

It not only interferes with your business but also with your clients. As when QuickBooks emails does not work you will face problem in sending:

  • Invoices,
  • Statements and
  • Even payroll details to your clients, employees and other associates.

This article will help in resolving your issue related to Email from QuickBooks not working.

QuickBooks Email Not Working: Causes- Unable to Send Email

  • There has been setting of the email preferences incorrectly.
  • Installation of the QuickBooks has been damaged.
  • There is a blocked domain admin.
  • The email provider’s account security settings.

How to Fix “QuickBooks Email Not Working” Error?

If your QuickBooks email not working then learn how to fix “QuickBooks email not working” error.

Total Time: 15 minutes

Step 1️⃣: Update Your QuickBooks Software

Ensure that you are using latest version of the software, if not then we suggest you to get help via QuickBooks update Support. On a regular interval QuickBooks releases software updates and maintenance so that it can fix various types of issues regarding the product. One of the issues that the updates often fix is the email. It adds features, enhancements and so forth.

The issues that the updates fix are provided to you in detail under the update compliance information. So before even starting with any of the following steps below, update the QuickBooks software if you have not already. Once you have done that, check if your QuickBooks is working, if not go to the next steps.

Step 2️⃣: Check Web Mail Preferences

Check the web mail preferences settings, to do that

🔹 Open QuickBooks and go to the Menu bar
🔹 Click on Edit
🔹 Select Preferences and click on it
🔹 On the left panel, click on Send Forms
🔹 Locate the My Preferences tab and click on it
🔹 Select the email account that you are using
🔹 Click on the Edit icon
🔹 Mark the SSL box or you can just opt for the Default
🔹 Go to the Server Name field.
🔹 Ensure that your email provider’s settings matches with the server name.

Once you are done with these steps, restart your QuickBooks and try to send an email through QuickBooks. In case you are getting the same message again “QuickBooks Email not working” then follow the next steps to resolve the issue.

Step 3️⃣: Password not accepted by webmail

🔹 Gmail: In case you are using Gmail and your QuickBooks through Gmail is not working then, you have to turn off the security of the mail setting by enabling the ‘access for less secure apps’ and turn off the 2-step verification. This will let you get the permission to send mails for QuickBooks by using your Gmail account.
🔹 Yahoo: After Yahoo mail has implemented its 2 step verification, you will be required to enter a random password generated by Yahoo to the QuickBooks desktop. You will be prompted to enter the password when you try to send the mail through QuickBooks. You also have to enable the access for less secure apps.
🔹 Right Networks or Summit Hosting: You have to complete the MFA request in case of Right Networks (US) and Summit Hosting (Canada).
🔹 Anti-Virus: In case your anti-virus is blocking it check with the provider on how to allow ports Yahoo!: port 465 and Gmail, Hotmail and others: port587 to have communication.

If You are not able to fix Isolate the Case:

Check if the problem is with a certain file that you are trying to send by using a sample file.

  • Go to the File menu and click on Close Company
  • Locate the No Company Window and open it.
  • Click on the Open a Sample file
  • Select a sample file that you want to use
  • Try and mail it. If that works then the problem is with your file.

Reach us:

In such a case, try to re-set your QuickBooks email service provider.

If all these steps do not resolve the issue of QuickBooks email not working, then we suggest to please connect with support. You can do this via QuickBooks error support phone number provided above.