QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 2018 Support

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 2018

QuickBooks is sure a great software for accounting but there is another program that is garnering the same amount of interest “QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 2018“.

The payroll software from Intuit handles all payroll tasks swiftly and without any undue grief to the accountant.

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 2018

The software was created to provide accountants and bookkeepers of small to medium-sized businesses a way paved for easy payroll handling and management. It swiftly takes into account many of the payroll activities and completes them with the least amount of mistakes and within the limited period promised.

When two powerful but easy-to-use software i.e. QB and QuickBooks Enhanced payroll 2018, when are combined then you end up with a mechanism that can perform all accounting as well as payroll tasks and activities under one roof. You can record all financial transactions, keep an eye on your cash flow, create and send invoices as well as perform payroll tasks and file for taxes along with timely payment right from one software.

Usage QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 2018

In case you are a new QuickBooks user.

  • You can integrate QuickBooks with Payroll from the start itself.
  • Connect payroll, taxes, and expenses for easy management.
  • Keep an eye on all financial processes from one platform.
  • You can also QuickBooks online and access the payroll process through the web.

In case you are already using QuickBooks:

  • You can switch Payroll from within the QuickBooks software.
  • Print or mail Paychecks to employees instantly.
  • Direct Deposit employee payment method for free.
  • No errors related to double entry of payroll information of employees.

Advantages of QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 2018

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 2018 is one such software that will provide the utmost convenience at the time of bookkeeping. Here are some of the advantages that you can expect from the software.

  • No need for manual entry of credentials or employing individuals to track employees’ management service.
  • Maximizes the financial terms of the company.
  • Hastens the process which saves plenty of time and money.
  • Handles as per requirements and accepts the mandatory changes

Errors associated with QuickBooks Payroll’s 2018

But there are certain errors associated with QuickBooks payroll 2018, and knowing how to fix them is very important. QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 15241 is one of the errors that signifies a specific service is disabled “File Copy Service”. The error restricts the user to access the software. Follow the below-listed steps to fix the issue.

For Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 OS users follow the steps mentioned below:

  • The end process of QuickBooks Desktop software.
  • Go to taskbar -> Start -> Manage.

For Windows 10 users follow the steps:

  • Move to taskbar -> Choose Manage tab.
  • Highlight QuickBooks FCS option -> click on it.
  • From the dialogue that will appear, choose the server option and enter the [KW016] series.
  • Move to the General tab -> enter startup on the Manual tab.
  • Choose Apply button.
  • Again click the Start option -> OK.
  • Start the QuickBooks program.
  • Download the latest version available.
  • Update your Payroll Tax Table.

No software is 100% efficient and accurate. Although QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 2018 is richly featured and considered a fully functional software there are unfriendly scenarios when the user encounters technical or functional errors. In such scenarios, you can connect with the QuickBooks payroll Consultant team. The team can be approached through phone, email, or live chat options.