QuickBooks premier contractor edition 2018

QuickBooks premier Contractor is an edition specifically dedicated to the manufacturing sector of the market. The Business Plan Tool that helps in building a 36-month financial projection using data and information drawn from your QuickBooks company file. ​

Here are some key tools and features that will give you head to toe details of QuickBooks premier contractor 2018 edition.​

  • Job Costing – It calculates all your expenses once you start paying bills, money to vendors, contractors/subcontractors etc. ​
  • Billed and Unbilled hours – How much time a person has spent on a particular job. ​
  • Cost to company – You can easily go through the finished and pending works on the basis of their percentage share. ​
  • Job Costing Centre – A single screen to summarize the key information to all the jobs, profits and costing highlights. ​

QuickBooks premier Contractor 2018: Compatibility

QuickBooks premier contractor

Download QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2018


QuickBooks premier Contractor edition comes with Two Versions of QuickBooks – Enterprise and Premier version. ​You can download the any of the versions you like, but inorder to activate your QuickBooks you would need to supply the activation code. If you don’t already have that then you will have to purchase the license, thus give us a call at our toll-free number at 1800-846-0916 and let us help in the process.

In case you are looking for QuickBooks Contractor Edition, you need to select the industry. QuickBooks contractor covers manufacture sector of the market​.

Which version to choose?

  • Now, based on the research, we have found that Contractor edition of QuickBooks Premier version is a choice of manufacturing sector.​
  • However, it is also true that massive enterprises use Contractor edition of QuickBooks Enterprise version but the usage volume is very less. ​

Job Costing

In the Job costing section of reports, you will get options where you can easily differentiate between the expenses that are assigned/not assigned to the jobs. ​Profit in business has always been a major concern in every business. That’s what Job profitability summary does.

Common Errors & Issues faced by the QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2018.

  • Error Code 6000 – When QuickBooks is unable to Open, backup and restore company file​
  • Error Code 6129 – Usually Occurs when User attempts to Open a new file or open already existing one.​
  • Error Code 6150 – It occurs at the time of installation, when any other QuickBooks related software or application is running.​
  • Error Code 6006 – When system slows down or system crashes.

How to Fix Error Code 6000?

QuickBooks is notorious of throwing errors. If you are using Quickbooks premier contractor 2018 then having QB error 6000 is very common. If this is an issue that is continuously bugging you then here is what you need to do.

  • Restart your PC and log in to your workstation as the “Administrator”.​
  • Try to install the QuickBooks accounting software.​

If you see the error again then you will need to try the below given steps:

  • Check for the free space in your hard-drive. It should be at least 1.5 GB.​
  • Close all the applications which are running in the background.​
  • Turn off the System Tray to free your Ram and processor space.​
  • Browse to location “C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield ” and change​
  • the file name to “InstallShieldOLD”. ​
  • Delete the junk from temp folder.​
  • Try to install the QuickBooks accounting software again.​
  • Also check for any Windows updates and QuickBooks upgrades as well.

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You can connect with QuickBooks customer support team for further queries and support related to QuickBooks 2018 Contactor version. You can connect with the team through toll free phone number, email and live chat option.

Also you can connect with the other reliable QuickBooks consulting agency like QuickBooks2018.support.

The in-house team comprise of professional experts who are experienced and knowledgeable in handling all issues and queries in the first call itself. Call to the tollfree support number 1800-846-0916 and garner instant support services.

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