Upgrade QuickBooks Premier to Enterprise

Upgrade QuickBooks Premier To Enterprise

Want to “upgrade QuickBooks Premier to Enterprise“, well here is how you can do that all with ease. But before we can provide you with the steps to upgrade your Accounting software it is very important for you to know what QuickBooks Enterprise is actually made of.

It is no secret that QuickBooks Enterprise Software is much more sophisticated than all the other software versions, namely, QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Accountant versions. Moreover, QuickBooks Enterprise software is a combination of all the above mentioned software versions and is incorporated with much needed professional tools in accordance with different industry needs.

Therefore, there are times when a user plans to Upgrade QuickBooks Premier to Enterprise. Before proceeding with the same upgrade of the software, it is better to generate a backup of the company file. The details listed below aids in both backup and upgrade of the company file.

How to Upgrade QuickBooks Premier to Enterprise:

Upgrade QuickBooks

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Total Time: 30 minutes

Step1: Backup Company File

It is advised to create a backup of all the data and company file of the Premier version of QuickBooks before going forward to open the QuickBooks Enterprise version. This is usually recommended as once the upgrade process is complete opening or accessing the Premier version company file is no longer possible. In order to initiate a backup user has to perform following listed steps:

🔹 Open the software and navigate to File option from the main menu bar.
🔹 Next select the Create backup option and then save it in a safe location – on another server or system.

Step 2: Update your Company File

Once the backup has been generated of the older company file user can Upgrade QuickBooks Premier To Enterprise. Just follow the instructions detailed below:

🔹 Access the new QuickBooks Enterprise Software and then click on the Company file used with QuickBooks Premier version.
🔹 In case the software prompts then provide the admin login credentials.
🔹 Further on being asked tick mark the checkbox against option stating – “I understand that my company file will be updated to this new version of QuickBooks”, followed by selecting the Update Now option.
🔹 Next user will be asked for backup of the current company file for which OK tab has to be clicked on.
🔹 Under the screen labeled Create Backup – keep eye on the instruction provided and follow them diligently to successfully backup the company file.
🔹 Lastly click on OK tab when asked whether update process of company file has to go forward.

This should easily update the QuickBooks Premier software to QuickBooks Enterprise software without any fuss. However, it is possible that they might encounter an update failure wherein the user should proceed to details given next.

Step 3: Update Failure / Error Occurs

In case the above you are not able to Upgrade QuickBooks Premier To Enterprise, then user will be required to perform certain steps in both Enterprise and Premier software. If the user has already uninstalled the Premier version then they will have to reinstall it without uninstalling the QuickBooks Enterprise version.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise:
🔹 From the main menu bar select File, followed by Utilities and then Restore Backup for QuickBooks Premier Version option.
🔹 Check the option available next to the tab labeled Backup filename field.
🔹 Now try to locate the backup generated while updating the software and click on to open it. Default location is the one where the user saved their backup file for last time.
🔹 Check the option available next to the tab labeled Restored filename field.
🔹 Under the Save In list, click on the folder wherein the restored file has to be saved.
🔹 It is better to save it on the desktop.
🔹 Under file name, type in the name that is unique to the user in order to avoid overwriting the older file. Now click on Save tab.
🔹 Select OK tab to complete the process.

Premier version of QuickBooks:
🔹 Access QuickBooks Premier version, open it and navigate to File option from main menu bar.
🔹 Open / Restore Company and followed by clicking on the required company file to open it.
🔹 Now move to the file restored on the Desktop and click on it to open.
🔹 Select File option, Utilities tab and lastly Rebuild Data option.
🔹 Now follow the instruction displayed on screen
🔹 Once the rebuild process is complete exit from the Premier version of the software.

Under QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise:
🔹 Select file option from the main menu tab and then select the option of Open/Restore Company .
🔹 Now click on the recently generated company file stored on the desktop and then select OK tab.

The above process should help to update the software normally. However, if the problem still persists and you are not able to Upgrade QuickBooks Premier To Enterprise, then it would be better to connect with QuickBooks upgrade support team to update the version from Premier to Enterprise. It is possible that the user might face issue in connecting with the customer support due to long queue wherein they can contact the alternative support agency.

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