QuickBooks Express Web Connect

QuickBooks Express Web Connect

This article will cover the guidance on how to QuickBooks express web connect. Express Web Connect is known as a one-way connection that permits direct communication with the Bank. You don’t need to log in to the bank’s website and perform any manual downloading of transactions. Data access & retrieval is automated via nightly updates.

How to Connect Express Web Connect Online Banking in QuickBooks Desktop

Now you can easily implement the advanced Express Web Connect online banking in QuickBooks to monitor all financial transactions. Before connecting to this online banking ensure that you have updated QuickBooks software.

Step 1- Be ready to switch from direct connect to Express Web Connect

  • Make certain that you don’t hold pending transactions.
  • Make a company file backup.
  • Locate the file menu and after that choose Switch to Single-user Mode.
  • Discover the Company menu to choose My Company.
  • In My Company window search out and click Sign in.
  • In case you have not set up an Intuit account yet then you can make and recover your ID along with a password.
  • Erase pending checks or online payments.
  • Integrate and compare with earlier downloaded transactions.

Step 2- Inactive bank feeds for a preferred account

  • Shut down your account so that you refresh the account before switching an Express Web Connect.

Step 3- Create a particular account for Bank feeds

Set up your valid bank account in QuickBooks to download transactions. Follow the below instructions:

  • Locate the Banking menu and then choose Bank Feeds.
  • Hit on Set Up Bank Feed.
  • Fill in the required fields like bank name, and type of financial institution.
  • Discover My Company login page, and sign in through your Intuit credentials.
  • Fill in the preferred online banking credentials and then choose Connect.
  • Now QuickBooks has a direct connection with the Bank’s server.
  • Choose the account that you need to integrate with QuickBooks and then hit on connect.
  • Choose close.

Step 4- Download transactions through Express Web Connect

Now you are permitted to download bank transactions by following the below-given steps:

  • Locate the banking menu, choose Bank Feeds, and after that click on Bank Feeds Center
  • Explore the Bank Account list and then select the needed account
  • Choose the Download Transactions
  • Once finished, choose the Transactions list to operate the transactions.

QuickBooks Express Web Connect Common Error Message

Following are the error messages associated with the switching process of Express Web Connect direct Connect issue messages:

  • Incompatible feature
  • Disabled connectivity of this financial institution

Express Web Connect Setup Issue Messages

You may receive the following errors during the set-up of Express Web Connect:

  • Error 324
  • Error 198
  • Error 350
  • Error 88888
  • QuickBooks Authentication.user.credentials issue
  • 8888 No FI accounts were found for the mentioned credentials. Please re-try with different credentials.

Other Web Connector Errors and Issues

Following the aforementioned article, you will get the relevant information about how to use Express Web Connect Online Banking in QuickBooks Desktop. In case you fail to understand any above-written steps or face any issues in other components of QuickBooks do not hesitate to reach the technical QuickBooks consultant. For your convenience, there is an online chat system to chat with the professional and contact team or do an email with a query.