QuickBooks Cannot Communicate with the Company File

QuickBooks Cannot Communicate with the Company File Due to Firewall

Here through the below post, you will learn that the QuickBooks cannot communicate with the company file due to firewall issues. The major reason behind the triggering of this general communication issue is the firewall problem.

However, when using QuickBooks sometimes the users face the problems of communication failure. However, several other causes block the company file with QuickBooks let’s explore in detail the causes and their troubleshooting resolutions. The QuickBooks cannot communicate with the company file issue is one of the communication errors. It often arises when users update the software or try to access the company file. It in turn results in unable to connect the company file with the software.

For instance, if the communication issue could be due to a firewall problem then there will appear a message stating that you may require reconfiguring the firewall application. You will also get the suggestion of downloading the doctor file in the error message.

What are the Reasons for the Company File Connection Error in QuickBooks?

There might be several causes behind QuickBooks cannot communicate with the company file due to the firewall some of them are mentioned below:

  • The server hosting the company file causes the connection error.
  • Improper server configuration causes connectivity errors with other workstations across the network.
  • QuickBooks needs to connect the company file with the QuickBooks database server manager.
  • It will create connectivity issues due to the connection failure with the database server manager.
  • When you have an outdated version of QuickBooks it will pop up the company file connection issues and many other errors such as payroll errors, banking errors, printing errors, and update errors.
  • The company file folder blocks the company file sharing by setting the wrong folder permissions.
  • The setting of hosting on the server or other workstation systems is not accurate.
  • Absence of QBDBMgrN service in the background of your system.

Solutions Steps to Rectify QuickBooks Cannot Communicate with the Company File

Ensure that you update the QuickBooks desktop to the advanced release before starting to fix the QuickBooks cannot communicate with the company file due to the firewall.

Solution 1: Firewall Configuration

Follow the below-written steps to configure the firewall port manually:

  • The initial step is to locate the Start option
  • Enter Windows Firewall into the search field
  • It will display the firewall Window
  • Now you need to choose the Advanced Settings button
  • After this the user needs to right-click on the inbound rules, followed by choosing the new rule
  • Discover the port option and then click on the Next button
  • Once done the user is needed to make sure TCP is chosen
  • Moving ahead now write the specific ports that are needed for the QuickBooks year version in the particular local ports field
  • After entering the port number the proceeding step is to click on the Next button
  • Ensure that you selected to allow the connection and after this re-click on the Next option
  • Verify you have marked all the profiles if prompted.
  • Once done click on the Next button, after creating a rule then give a name.
  • Hit on the Finish option.

Solution 2: Make QuickBooks .ND File

.ND stands for an extension of the Network data file. It comprises the complete summary of a workstation hosting the company file. This file is an important element in creating the company file and QuickBooks connection. The QuickBooks software creates this file during the access of the company file.

Here is the list of steps you need to follow to re-create the network data file in QuickBooks

  • First of all, hit on the Start icon that appears on the QuickBooks Desktop screen; it usually displays at the left corner
  • Write QuickBooks Database Server Manager into the search field of the programs and files
  • Hit on the QuickBooks Database Server Manager displays in the list
  • Sometimes the QBDatabaseServerManager does not appear in the search in that case you have to reinstall the QuickBooks
  • Ensure that you choose the option that says I will be using QuickBooks on this computer, and I will be storing our company file here so it can be shared over the network during QuickBooks installation.
  • It will make sure the installation process of QuickBooks Database Server Manager
  • Locate below the QuickBooks Database Server Manager window
  • Click on Add Folder after this search for the company file folder
  • Once done choose the folder with the company file and then click on the Scan option
  • Now wait till the scan process completes it will display the list of all the company files in the list which says QuickBooks Company file found
  • Locate the company file folder and then verify the folder with Network Data(.nd) files.

Solution 3: Verify the System Folder Access Permission to QuickBooks

  • First of all open the File Explorer window
  • After this locate to C: \ Program Files \ Common Files.
  • Now right-click on the common files folder
  • Hit on the properties button
  • Below the security option, you have to hit on Edit button
  • Discover the Users tab below Group or Usernames click on it.
  • Now locate the permission option below Group
  • Permit Modify, Write, Read, list folder contents, and Execute buttons
  • Hit on the Apply button and then click on OK.

Solution 4: Block Hosting Multi-User Access on Each System in the Network

stop multi user access

To delete the QuickBooks that cannot communicate with the company file issue you will need to disable hosting on every system over the network excluding the one that you have chosen company file hosting.

Below is the list of instructions to switch off multi-user hosting:

  • Open your QuickBooks Desktop
  • Click on the utility button below the file section
  • Now choose to Stop Hosting Multi-User Access
  • Click on the Yes option to confirm it
  • In case the hosting is not executing on the workstation then there will appear a Host Multi-user Access button.

Solution 5: Check QBDBMgeN.exe Process is Executing

  • First of all press the Ctrl+Alt+Del button altogether
  • It will display the Task Manager Window
  • Search for QBDBMgrN.exe below the Processes option
  • If there does not appear any process with the name then you have to allow the administrative rights to QBDataServiceUser.

Steps to Assign Administrative Rights to QBDataServiceUser

  • First of all close the QuickBooks Desktop application
  • Now you have to press the Windows+R button altogether
  • Enter Control Panel into the box then press an Enter Key
  • Choose the User Accounts option
  • Hit on Manage another account
  • You have to double-click on the QBDataServiceUser
  • Hit on Change Account Type
  • Now choose Administrator
  • Select Change Account Type and then exit Control Panel.

Solution 6: Use QuickBooks Database Server Manager

  • First of all, you have to run QuickBooks Tool Hub. Here are the steps:
  • Go to the QuickBooks Tool Hub icon
  • Right-click on it and then from further options
  • Click on the Run as Administrator
  • Now the QuickBooks Tool Hub opens up in your system
  • Hit on the Network issues option
  • After this find the QuickBooks Database Server Manager; if it is not available that means it might not be installed on the system
  • It will display a prompt to perform the installation
  • Once you select QuickBooks Database Server Manager then start running the system
  • Hit on the Browse option then choose the company file
  • Now check QuickBooks Database Server Manager is executing on your system
  • Hit on the Browse button and then choose the company file
  • After this hit on Start Scan; on-clicking this option allows automatic repair permission errors with the Firewall
  • Wait till the scan process finishes now click on the Close button
  • Discover the QuickBooks installation folder
  • Now verify your network data file extension; it should be .ND.

That’s all about the troubleshooting guide of QuickBooks cannot communicate with the company file due to the firewall issue. If you still do not sort out the problems then you can reach out to the QuickBooks professional team QuickBooks error consultants chat. Seeks exceptional assistance from the experienced team to save your hours!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Restart Database Server Manager in your System?

    • First of all, find the Control Panel from the Start button
    • Click on it
    • Locate the Administrative Tools button
    • Select services from the listed items
    • Find QuickBooksDBXX service a right-click on it
    • Now choose the Restart button
    • Right-click the QuickBooksDBXX service and then select Restart.

  • What do I have to do if the Network Data File Extensions are not Showing up in Windows 10?

    • Locate Options
    • Now click on the Change folder
    • Give a click on the search button
    • Hit on the View option
    • Deselect the hidden extension for the desired file types
    • Once done hit on the ok button

  • What Procedure do I need to Follow to Show Hidden Folders in Windows 7?

    • For this locate the Start button and then write Control Panel into the box
    • It will display a prompt
    • Give a double click on the option that says appearance and personalization
    • Now a Window will appear on the screen
    • Find Folder options and do a double-click on it
    • Hit on Show Hidden files and folder
    • And choose you have selected the suitable folders
    • Hit on OK button.

  • How to Restart the QuickBooks Server Manager when you have installed both QuickBooks Desktop and Server Manager on the server?

    • Firstly open the QB desktop on the host system
    • Now locate the file option and then choose Open Company
    • On-clicking will display the company file on the screen
    • Click on the Next option and then place a mark on the open file in multi-user mode
    • Choose Open and then log in to the company file
    • Hit on the Logoff option to close the company file
    • Once done you require to enter the Database in the start option
    • Click on Run QuickBooks Database server manager.