QuickBooks Error 61: (Four) Different methods to get it fixed.

Due to a corrupted file or malfunction of a hardware, the QuickBooks Error 61 might occur while:

It can also happen with Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 355. This article will show few ways with steps on how to resolve this issue prior to contacting a QuickBooks Technical Support.

Why Does QuickBooks Error 61 Occur?

The Error code 61 can be caused due to several reasons. Some of them are as follows:

  • The framework activity might be abnormal.
  • There might be an invalid section left in the Windows registry by an uninstalled program or fizzled establishment or a mistaken incorporation.
  • A malware might have caused an assault.
  • The framework had been shutdown due to power cut or other factors.
  • Someone has unintentionally erased a record part of important framework or registry passage.
  • The error is the result of the software’s failure to run the ordinary activities of a framework or application segment.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 61

QuickBooks Error 61

Follow the below noted instructions step-by-step to get the error code 61 completely from your QuickBooks. Let’s start the troubleshooting process:

Total Time: 40 minutes

Method 1: Use QuickBooks Rebuild Data

🔹 Locate File menu and from there select Utilities and then Rebuild Data and click on it.
🔹 Click OK in case you get the message of backing up the company file.
🔹 Even if the message ‘QuickBooks is not responding’ is being displayed; wait for sometime, so it is completed.
🔹 After the Rebuild is done click on OK, and you should be sorted.

Method 2: Select the Chart of Accounts

🔹 The Accounts list in the chart needs to re-sorted.
🔹 From the main menu of QuickBooks select the Chart of Accounts
Beside the ‘Include Inactive’ check the box
🔹 Message will be displayed; ‘Are you sure you want to return this list to its original order?’ click OK
🔹 Again verify the company file.
🔹 In case you see the error then go to the next step.
🔹 A new account should be created while merging the damaged one with the new account.
🔹 Try to open the company file and ensure that the issue has been resolved.

Method 3: Download Reimage Repair Tool

🔹 The Reimage Repair Tool needs to be downloaded on the desktop.
🔹 Open the tool by double tapping on it to establish its procedure.
🔹 After that the Client Account Control will ask you to run the program hence click on Yes,
🔹 As the program begins, you will be prompted to install it, click on yes and then beside the checkbox click it to uncheck it in case the box is checked. This will allow the software so that the repaired instrument is permitted.
🔹 Internet connection is mandatory for installation of the Re image and updating it to the latest version.
🔹 Reimage will start to sweep the PC to determine the condition of the machine and its programs.
🔹 Once the sweeping is done Reimage will show the damages that are there and recommend repairs for the vital ones.
🔹 Click on the ‘Start Repair’ icon.
🔹 After the repairing is done by the Reimage of the programs in the PC the error 61 should be resolved.
🔹 To finish the procedure, restart the PC and then open the
🔹 QuickBooks program again to check if it is working properly.

Still facing QuickBooks Error 61…! Well, jump on to the next step…

Method 4: Update Company File for New Version

🔹 QuickBooks Desktop newest version needs to be launched by the user.
🔹 Select file and then select on ‘Open or Restore Company
🔹 Choose ‘Open company file’ and then click on Next
🔹 Look for the data file and then click on the icon Open
🔹 When window with the message ‘Move the file’ appears do as instructed.
🔹 Take the information that is shown in ‘Update Company File for New Version
🔹 Click on ‘Update now’ and check the box and follow the instructions
🔹 Message ‘You are about to open a company file using a newer version of QuickBooks… Do you want to continue’ appears, click on Yes
🔹 Once the update is complete copy the backup you created and look for *.qbw files on your hard drive.
🔹 Once that is located check on the payroll service and then click on Account Info/Process.

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