QuickBooks Condense Data Error: Easy Solutions to Fix i

QuickBooks manages everything from accounting, payroll to tracking and maintaining inventory. While the software is very effective and efficient in helping you to run your business. But at times there are also problems that you might encounter, just like QuickBooks Condense Data error.

QuickBooks Condense Data Error

This is one of the errors that you encounter while trying to archive your data. It is one of the most crucial errors that demands your immediate attention. Even if you have a bit of technical know how of QuickBooks, then you would be able to sale through. But if you don’t want to go through all the hassle then we suggest connecting with QuickBooks Support now.

So, first thing first, the data error message that you see is because the software is not able to condense data file that you want to verify or rebuild during archiving. If you are unsure of how to go about it, do contact our QuickBooks technical support team at AskforAccounting. 

Steps on How to Condense the QuickBooks Company File?

  • Select the file – > Utilities -> Condense Data Command.
  • Before setting the specific date radio button you should select the transactions.
  • Select the remove transaction before date.
  • After ensuring the transactions that QuickBooks should remove, click next.
  • Decide and specify how you would like the inventory transactions should be condensed and then click next.
  • Identify the transactions that should be removed and click on next.
  • Determine any list cleanup that you should like to do and then click on next.
  • Ensure and confirm the condensing and archiving operation.
  • Click on begin condense.
  • When prompted, back up the data file.

QuickBooks Condense Data Error: How you will know that you are faced with the bug.

QuickBooks Condense Data Error
  • Freezing of QuickBooks Condense
  • QuickBooks is unable to run Clean Up Utility program.
  • Transaction is on hold as transaction has not been paid
  • Transactions on hold as funds are not deposited
  • QuickBooks software faces a system error while trying to archive data file. QuickBooks will condense the data. This error is unspecified.
  • QuickBooks program faced an error and was unable to condense successfully. Your company file has been restored to its old state.

Fix the QuickBooks Condense Data Error:

Faced with QuickBooks condense data error…!

The damage can be rectified for the QuickBooks Desktop in the same way that you would do for Mac or Windows. The following steps will give you the knowledge on how to resolve some minor data issues that you have with the company file.

  • If the payroll transactions condense date is before 12.31.2017.
  • In case the employee’s W2 is not checked in payroll transaction.
  • If there is incorrect linking between payments, refund checks, credit memos and invoices.
  • If the payments that had been recorded as un-deposited funds have not been deposited to any linked bank accounts.
  • If there is wrong linking between bills, bill credits and bill payment checks.
  • Delete the estimates that are linked to invoices. This is because they are non-posting material hence cannot be condensed into journal entries that are to be posted.
  • To pay the sales tax, use the ‘Pay Sales Tax Screen’. It is recommended because if you pay sales tax using cheques then it will leave the invoice open. Make sure that the same amount and date is written on the cheques, as you would have to reconcile the sales tax payments.
  • If the dates are different between invoice, payment provided and condensing then the transaction will become non-condensable. This will happen because the payment is not within the condensing period. Also the invoice will not get condensed because it is linked to a non-condensed transaction.

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Even after ensuring and following these steps if you are unable to resolve the issue, do contact our QuickBooks technical support help desk to help you in troubleshooting the error.